Anodising and powder coating since 1970

Flexibility and reliability - our strengths! For anodizing appointments at short notice, you can count on order processing within one week on the short machining center up to 7,850 mm or two weeks on the long machining center up to 18,000 mm. In powder coating, only the length of the short machining center up to 6,000 mm changes. We offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of surface finishing and all related areas. High quality is our standard, as is fair pricing in line with the market. No one knows your requirements as well as you do. This is why your wishes and demands are our achievements.

We are very much looking forward to your non-binding inquiry and would be pleased to answer your questions.

Trio-Eloxal - Eloxal


Anodising process for aluminium surfaces - long components and special sizes - aluminium panel and perforated sheets anodising - pickling and anodising - grinding and anodising - coloured anodising - aluminium in stainless steel look - chemical pre-treatment - degreasing - pickling - pre-treatment mechanical - grinding - brushing - polishing


Trio-Eloxal - Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Coating processes - Powder coating - Aluminium - Bare steel - Galvanised steel - Long components and special sizes - Aluminium in wood look - Pre-treatment mechanical grinding - Blasting - Sweeping - Fine blasting - chemical pre-treatment - Degreasing - Pickling - Passivating - Zinc spraying