Anodising in Geesthacht near Hamburg
Trio-Eloxal Anodising - Plant I

Eloxal Surface Finishing of Aluminium

We can pre-treat in E0 (deoxidise) and/or E6 (satin pickle) on about 2,500 m². We produce in EV1 (natural) and the colours C31 (light bronze) - C32 (light bronze) - C33 (medium bronze) - C34 (dark bronze) and C35 (black). Within the scope of this colour range, other colour gradations are also possible in coordination and according to the presentation of corresponding limit samples. This colour range is characterised by high light fastness and long durability, even under intense UV exposure.

For the transformation of aluminium into its oxide layer, we offer the following anodising processes and pre-treatments.


Anodising of Aluminium surfaces

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Panel sheets

Anodising of aluminium Panel sheets

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Aluminium sheets

Perforated and smooth aluminium sheets anodising

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Grossteile Eloxieren

Long components

length 18,000 mm x width 350 mm x depth 800 mm

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Chemische Vorbehandlung von Aluminium

Pickled anodising

Aluminium - pickling and anodising

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Geschliffen Eloxieren - Mechanische Vorbehandlung von Aluminium

Ground Anodising

Aluminium - Grinding and Anodising

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Coloured anodising

Aluminium surfaces coloured anodising

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Stainless steel look

Aluminium surfaces in stainless steel look

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Eloxal Verfahren für Aluminium Oberflächen

Anodising process

Anodising process for aluminium surfaces

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Mikrosatinieren - Mechanische Vorbehandlung Sandstrahlen

Microsatinising Sandblasting S6 S8

Mechanical pre-treatment Aluminium sandblasting

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Chemical pre-treatment

Aluminium surfaces Degreasing Pickling

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Mechanical pre-treatment

Aluminium surfaces Grinding Brushing Polishing

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