Mechanical pre-treatment - Eloxal process

Components, especially decorative components made of aluminium, require mechanical processing of the surfaces before anodising. Grinding removes production-related surface defects as far as possible. Depending on the abrasive grit selected, ground surfaces of components show more or less pronounced grinding marks. These grooves can be deliberately selected for the design of profiles and surfaces.

Mechanical pre-treatment

Mechanical pre-treatment

By means of mechanical brushing and polishing shining homogenous surfaces are created.  However, mechanical surface defects such as drawing grooves in extruded profiles, production-related scratches and scuff marks are only partially eliminated.

Optimum surfaces are achieved by grinding and further machining like brushing and polishing.  A surface with high visual requirements requires the selection of recommended materials and professional pre-treatment.

Pretreatment belt sanding
Mechanical pretreatment blasting