Long components up to 18 metres anodizing and powder coating

Machining center for large parts

Possible component parts for anodising and powder coating



Plant 1 - Eloxal (anodic oxidation)

Range of services:

Anodic oxidation E 0 and E6 pre-treated, in aluminium natural (EV 1) as well as the colours C 31 (light bronze), C 32 (light bronze), C 33 (medium bronze), C 34 (dark bronze) as well as C 35 (black).

Powder Coating

Plant 2 - Powder Coating

Range of services:

We coat in all RAL, NCS, DB and special colours (by customer agreement) on an area of approx. 4,500 m².

Up to 6,000 mm, chrome-free pre-treatment is carried out according to the latest environmental standards.

Further lengths up to 18,000 mm are pre-anodised (only aluminium, chromium-free)

Thin-film anodising (up to 17800 mm individual length)