Powder Coating in Geesthacht near Hamburg
Trio-Eloxal Powder coating - Plant II

We coat in all RAL, NCS, DB and special colours (in agreement with the customer) on an area of about 4,500 m². Up to 6,000 mm, a chrome-free pre-treatment is carried out according to the latest environmental standards. Further lengths up to 18,000 mm are pre-anodised (only aluminium, chromium-free).

On our short plant we have 3 automatic lines (horizontal) - Maximum processing sizes are: Length 6,000 mm x width 350 mm x depth 1,500 mm - On our long plant we manufacture maximum: length 18,000 mm x width 350 mm x depth 800 mm.

For powder coating of aluminium and steel we offer the following coating processes and pre-treatments.

Pulverbeschichtung Stahl blank

Bright steel

powder coating on bright steel


Pulverbeschichtung Stahl verzinkt

Bright steel

Hot-dip galvanising and powder coating of steel


Große Bauteile Pulverbeschichten

Long components

processing sizes up to length 18,000 mm * width 350 mm * depth 800 mm



Pre-treatment - Degreasing - Pickling - Passivation

Mechanische Vorbehandlung


Pre-treatment - Grinding - Blasting