Trio-Eloxal services packaging and transport

Packaging - Storage - Transportation



Our packaging area

We pack your goods according to your requirements and specifications. For this purpose, we have extensive technical facilities at our disposal to meet your packaging requirements.

We have film wrapping machines to pack profiles individually or in bundles.Possible measurements will be given upon request.

Furthermore, we have strapping machines and our packaging department is able to manufacture and expertly adapt wooden crates according to customer requirements.

Transport - our logistics

For loading and unloading vehicles, as well as for internal transport, we have side and front loaders with a load capacity of three tons.

To minimize unnecessary waiting times, our logistics department is always in close contact with our customers to optimize route planning and loading as best as possible. Furthermore, our employees will provide utmost care during loading and internal transport.

In addition to extensive hall capacities for professional storage, we also have two articulated lorries at our disposal to be able to deliver directly to our customers by arrangement.

Upon request, we can offer our customers to store their products on our premises.

Trio-Eloxal has high storage capacities

In order to meet the increasing requirements and quantities, the already large storage areas were expanded in 2014 by a new warehouse with a floor space of approx. 1,400 m² now offering sufficient space to store raw goods dry and warm.

A total of 7 side and front stackers with a load capacity of 3 t are available for in-house transport.

Sideloader and front stacker with a load capacity of 3 t
Trio-Eloxal has high storage capacities
High storage capacity for components
Trio Eloxal High storage capacity for components